At Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response and Ambulance Services (ZGMRAS), safeguarding your security is our top priority. We are issuing this notice to caution all individuals and organizations regarding unauthorized use of our name and logo for deceptive purposes.

We have recently identified instances where unauthorized individuals or entities have been exploiting the ZGMRAS name and logo in an attempt to gain unlawful advantages on behalf of ZGMRAS and its affiliated companies within the ZGMRAS group of company (“ZGMRAS”).

ZGMRAS and its group of companies adhere to a strict merit-based employee selection process. We wish to clarify that we neither solicit nor accept any form of payment or security deposit from job applicants during our recruitment procedures. It is imperative to note that we do not endorse, support, or engage in any activities that involve the unauthorized use of our brand identity for fraudulent or illegal purposes.

Beware of Recruitment Scams

We urge everyone to exercise utmost caution and vigilance when engaging with any entity claiming to represent ZGMRAS. We have identified fraudulent activities related to job offers made on our behalf, where job-seekers are contacted by individuals posing as ZGMRAS representatives or agents. These scams often involve telephone or Skype interviews, accompanied by references to our official website. Fake employment offers bearing the ZGMRAS logo may request payments for various purposes such as work permits, visa administration, agency fees, accommodation deposits, medical examinations, and more. In some cases, these fraudsters may also seek personal information, including bank account details for salary payments. Regrettably, any funds transferred are directed to the perpetrators, who subsequently cease all communication with the victims.

We have also noted an increase in recruitment fraud involving scammers who post bogus job openings or contact job-seekers with counterfeit job offers. Some individuals falsely claim to represent the ZGMRAS Recruitment function and issue job offers. If you or any candidate receives unsolicited or fraudulent communications regarding a job offer or interview, particularly if it involves the payment of money, please remain vigilant and recognize it as a scam. When receiving an interview call, take precautionary measures such as visiting the official ZGMRAS company website to verify the source and authenticity.

On receipt of an interview call for any job in any ZGMRAS company, the candidate may take some measures such as visiting the official website of the concerned ZGMRAS company to get the contact details to enquire with the human resources department of such company about the interview details and other relevant information.

How to Detect Scams

ZGMRAS officials exclusively communicate through verifiable ZGMRAS email addresses (domains ending in @zgmras.com) and never employ generic email services like Gmail, Yahoo or any free web based email accounts.

The ZGMRAS recruitment team does not request payments or fees for any purpose throughout or after the recruitment process, nor do we solicit money in exchange for employment opportunities.

Legitimate ZGMRAS employment offers typically involve in-person interviews with ZGMRAS employees or representatives before any formal offer is extended.

Scammers often employ tactics such as pressuring victims to respond quickly, insisting on confidentiality, and communicating solely via email and telephone without meeting in person.

ZGMRAS's recruitment process does not require candidates to provide personal documents like bank account information, tax forms, or credit card details.

Verify the information provided in suspicious letters and communications by conducting online searches on reputable platforms, such as Google or the official ZGMRAS website

How to Contact us

In the event of suspected scams involving ZGMRAS's name, we encourage you to report the incident to your local law enforcement authorities.

You may contact ZGMRAS regarding any potential scams associated with our name through the following channels:

Email: contactus@zgmras.com

DISCLAIMER: ZGMRAS disclaims responsibility for the content of any information and shall not be liable for any consequences, losses, or damages incurred by any party arising from reliance on or use of information from unauthorized portals, websites, or email domains not endorsed by ZGMRAS.

ZGMRAS will not be held responsible for actions taken in response to employment offers not directly issued by ZGMRAS.

Offers of employment made in exchange for payments or other forms of gain are not authorized by ZGMRAS and do not represent legitimate job opportunities.

ZGMRAS reserves the right to pursue legal action, including criminal prosecution, against individuals or entities involved in such fraudulent activities.

For the latest updates, official announcements, and security alerts from ZGMRAS, please visit our official website and follow our official social media channels. Your diligence is essential in maintaining the security and integrity of our brand.