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Who are we?

“Ziqitza GMRAS – One of Leading Ambulance Service Provider in Dubai” Ziqitza GMRAS is licensed by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services. It is the first independent private ambulance service provider in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE. In emergency medical situation, the first and foremost objective of all operations is quick response time. The reason for this is a term known as the ‘Golden hour’ which is essentially the amount of time within which a casualty must receive emergency medical attention to maximize their odds of survival.

We at ZGMRAS understand how important of timely medical assistance.Here we are established with a vision to assist saving human lives by providing a leading network of fully equipped Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances with well-trained, qualified and licensed drivers and paramedics on board across the Middle East. While our services are tailored to provide the best in Emergency Medical Response, we heavily invest in our people by training them and in providing them with the best technological, medical and motivational support needed to give it their all.
We are committed to deliver international quality Emergency Medical Services to all individuals.

Our Services

Ambulance Services

Patient Transfer

Patient transfer Ambulance is for pre-planned non-emergency medical transfer and Inter-facility transfer, who require skills of an Ambulance care assistant during the journey...

Mobile Medical Unit

Event Back Up

Ambulance for events ensures that any medical emergency will be attended to and the person afflicted will receive not only appropriate pre hospital care in the Ambulance but will also be...


Project Back Up

These programs help foster an overall sense of well-being and are curated by experts in the domain to counter illnesses that may arise due to erratic and stressful lifestyle choices...


Home Healthcare

Many of the services you receive in a hospital or nursing home are also available to you at your own home. Ziqitza sends doctors, nurses, therapists, aides, and medical social...

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